Sunday, November 3


Hello students. First of all, I would like to thank all participants for their effort.

Víctor Navarro
3º A
Laura Sánchez Ojeda
3º A
Elena Amaya
3º A
Miguel Hidalgo
3º A
María Beltrán
3º A
María José Alcalá
3º A
Ricardo Pérez Bartram
3º A
Antonio Matas
3º A
Marina Paz Roldán
3º A
María Torres
3º A
Alberto López Sánchez
4º A
Carlos Sánchez
4º A

Here you are the answers:
1. What is Shakespeare’s nickname? His nickname was “The Bard” or “The Bard of Avon”. Avon is a river located at the city where he was born.
2. When was he born? He was born on 26th April, 1564.
3. When did he die? He died on 23rd April, 1616.
4. Where is he buried? In Stratford-upon-Avon, in the centre of England
5. Name a comedy and a tragedy written by Shakespeare.
Comedy: A Midsummer Night´s Dream. Tragedy: Romeo and Juliet. For example.
6. Who said “To be or not to be, that is the question”? Hamlet
7. Who ruled England during Shakespeare’s times? Queen Elisabeth I and the King James I
8. What was the name of the theatre that Shakespeare worked in? The name was “The Globe” and it was located near London
9. How many plays did Shakespeare write? He wrote around 38 plays
10. Identify the odd-one-out. Oliver Twist because this play was written by Charles Dickens.

NOTE: Some of you have answered the name of the theatre Shakespeare worked in was "Lord Chamberlain's Men" or "King's Men". However, that was the name of the company he worked in, not the theatre.

And the winner is... Alberto López Sánchez (4ºA) CONGRATULATIONS!

November is here, so a new quiz is coming. Be ready for it!

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