Monday, December 1


Here you are the answers to Nadine Gordimer's quiz:

1. What nationality is Nadine Gordimer? 
C South African
2. When did she die?
C 2014
3. What major literary award did she receive in 1991?
A The Nobel Prize
4. What is her last published novel? 
C No Time like the Present
5. What is the most recurrent issue in Gordimer's novels? 
A Life under apartheid
6. What important health problem was Nadine Gordimer a leading activist for?
7. What is the language of her literary works? 
A English
8. Which one of these for words is of South African origin? 
D Trekking
9. Afrikaans is a European language that is spoken in Gordimer's country. It is basically a dialect of... 
B Dutch
10. Apartheid is a regime whose main belief is... 
A the white race is superior

Would you like to know more about her or read any of her books? Click the links:

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